Biochemistry and clinical biochemistry


A brief history

Department of Biochemistry was founded in October 1945 simultaneously with the foundation of the State Medical Institute in Chisinau.

The position of Head of the Department was held by: Kramer Adolf, PhD, professor (1945-1950); Konopelco Cozma, PhD, associate professor (1950-1951); Mihlin Mihail, PhD, professor (1951-1972); Floca Eugen, PhD, associate professor (1972-1986); Lîsîi Leonid, PhD, professor (1986-2012); Tagadiuc Olga, PhD, associate professor (2012-prezent).

Biochemistry has been taught at the Biochemistry Department since its foundation and in 1995 teaching of the Clinical Biochemistry started. Bioorganic Chemistry was taught at the Department in the period 2002-2011. Initially training at all faculties was done in Russian, now it is performed in Romanian, English, French and Russian. Studying Biochemistry students acquire skills of doing biochemical tests, develop abilities of observation, comparison, analysis and generalization that are necessary for future doctors.

Methods and forms of training are an optimal combination of conventional methods (lectures, laboratory work, situation problem solving) with the modern ones (computerized) that facilitate self-learning and self-evaluation, etc.).

Over the years the staff of the Department of Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry did research on enzymology (Kramer A.), localization of amylolytic enzymes in the brain (Konopelco C.), study of X-ray effects on animals during pregnancy (Floca E.), influence of antibacterial and nootropic drugs, dyes and chemicals used in agriculture in Moldova (Mihlin M.), influence of pesticides on energetic metabolism and protein metabolism (Ivasi G.), acid-base balance disorders in different diseases (Mucuţa A.), role of lipid peroxidation processes and antioxidant system in carcinogenesis, metabolic response to severe mechanical trauma (Lîsîi L., Tagadiuc O., Ambros A., Horneţ V.), study of metabolic disorders of iron-containing proteins in severe mechanical trauma (Bobcova Sv., Stratulat Iu.), biochemical disturbances in metabolic X syndrome  (Stratulat S., Protopop Sv.), glutathione system in cancer diseases (Gavriliuc L.).